Customer Experience Management

It's the Customer Journey, not the destination.

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Successful businesses are great at managing individual interactions with their customers. Many struggle however, because they are not  efficiently activating key data points at all stages of the customer journey.  This ultimately creates unnecessary churn, low quality leads, lost opportunities and increased operational costs.

8 ways an improved customer experience can help your bottom line.

Operational Excellence, Raving Fans, shorter sales cycles, Growth, quality, risk, innovation

  1. Accelerated Revenue Growth
  2. Higher Quality Leads
  3. Product and Service Innovations
  4. Shorter Sales Cycles
  5. Operational Excellence
  6. Reduced Risk
  7. Lower Costs
  8. Raving Fans

How do I focus our CX data capture efforts?

Data Capture, KPI, insights, alignment

Your business needs to evolve to survive and prosper.  At, we strive to understand your dynamic goals and objectives, and tailor a customer experience strategy and data capture plan designed to activate insights aligned to your growth plans.

CX Sabermetrics

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What gets measured, gets done. MyCXData can help you define your marketing strategy and ID the right KPIs that will keep your team focused on the customer experience and your growth.  Customer Quality, Deal Quality, Content Quality, Lead Quality,  Vendor Quality, Employee WAR, Operations Optimization and Marketing Optimization are just a few key performance indicators that can be initiated once you commit your business to understanding the customer experience.

CX Systems & Technologies

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Adopting technology to complement your business. At, we can help you adopt and streamline customer experience systems and technologies including: 

Customer Relationship Management

Marketing Automation

Survey tools

Online Collaboration tools

Mobile Platforms

Website traffic

Social Media

Paid Search & Search Engine Optimization

The Internet of Things

Business Intelligence

How do I get started?

Starting a customer experience practice, education, internal resources, budget, action plan, help

Optimizing the Customer Experience is a business practice, not a one-time event.  In order to jump start your program we recommend the following first steps:

  1. Educate your leadership team on how a healthy Customer Experience can help each of their departments grow.
  2. Identify internal resources that are vested in the success of an improved CX initiative.
  3. Budget for  action plan.
  4. Ask for help, if you think you need it.