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About Us

Customer Experience Strategy, government, trade, Tampa, Florida

A customer experience (CX)management firm dedicated to helping businesses, non-profits and governments align their CX strategy, metrics and technologies to forge closer relationships with their customers and constituent eco-systems.

Increase Revenues, Shorten Sales Cycles, Accelerate Innovation, Build Loyalty, Generate Leads

Our Value

We help our clients minimize the risk and costs associated with starting a new customer experience management practice or optimize existing CX efforts by viewing your  organization through the eyes of the customer, and incorporating those insights into your operating plan.

Customer Experience Metrics

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our clients optimize the customer experience to drive growth, accelerate innovation & improve service delivery and operations.

What We Do

Improve Lead Quality

Too many leads?  Too few?  MyCXData can help you optimize your lead acquisition strategy and tactics in order to get the right buyers in front of your team when they are ready to buy.  

Accelerate Sales Velocity

Shaving just one month off your sales process can increase revenues by 8.3%.  Improving your average close rate can add an additional 5 - 10% to your bottom line as well.  MyCXData can help you do both!

Optimize Service Delivery

An efficient team equals happy customers.  MyCXData can help you set up key performance indicators that are aligned with your customer and citizen expectations, helping you to improve service delivery at lower costs.

Activate Insights

Real time customer and citizen feedback gives you the information you need to make intelligent business decisions quickly to keep you ahead of your  competition.  MyCXData can help you create a customer insights program that will fit your budget.

Foster Loyalty

Loyal customers spend 10x more than new ones.  MyCXData can help you develop a lloyalty program that resonates, increases sales and improves referrals.

Engage Customers and Citizens

Engaged citizens and customers are the fuel that drive innovation.  MyCXData can help you improve interactions with your brand and create the emotional connections necessary to run an  innovation engine that helps you grow.